As of October 22th 2016, the story is translated by haloff1 and is checked by KJO and Tyradra from the official Muv Luv community.

Message from Haloff1: Hi there. I just want to warn you that I'm not fluent in Japanese so I'm unable to provide an accurate translation... I also tried to stay faithful to the original Japanese sentence so that's why you will find that the sentence structure is a bit weird...Well next time, I will focus on the translation of what the characters want to say and not on what they are saying. Or at least I will try.

Prologue Edit

Episode 1 Edit

[Screen changes to night sky]

In 2016, one day somewhere in Yokohama city,

[Screen changes to house with Minori in front of you]

Minori: …

You: …

You: Minori, didn’t you go to the wrong house? Your family is … in the neighborhood right?

Minori: Don’t be stupid! I didn’t make a mistake! Because it can’t be helped, I came to your house to prepare dinner!

You: You came to prepare dinner?! I don’t get what you are saying.

Minori: Your parents are travelling right? They asked me to cook for you. If they directly asked me to do that, then it can’t be helped right?

You: On top of that you even brought these two filled bags. Aren’t they heavy?

Minori: Tsch. I bought too much by mistake! Isn’t that good? This way we can cook even more! Do you have a complain?!

You: No, absolutely not! Well…so…I’m counting on you!

Minori: You should have done that and been obedient since the beginning…I’m borrowing the kitchen.

You: (She even went as far as to bring an apron. Even though she said it cannot be helped…)

[Screen changes to night sky]

You: (Well, let’s put things in order)

You: (When my parents left and went on their lengthy vacation, they entrusted Minori to take care of me during the evening.)

You: (Because we’re neighbors, childhood friends and in the same class)

You: (And then Minori granted their request.)

You: (By buying 5000 yen worth of food…)

You: (Good grief, why did she do that again?)

You: (This fellow, she really is not self-conscious, isn’t she?)

[Screen changes to black screen with Minori]

You: (I will say it clearly, Minori is popular. She is among the top 3 most beautiful girls in our school.)

You: (A long time ago I thought she was cute but, it looks like I wasn’t the only one to think like this.)

You: (She was always the center of attention.)

You: (She said she wasn’t good with boys so she didn’t date anyone.)

You: (That’s troublesome. Besides being bad at talking with boys, she doesn’t have any incentive to talk with them.)

You: (So I’m the only one to talk with her. Only I am special.)

You: (Of course, it will cause a misunderstanding right? She doesn’t understand a man’s heart.)

You: (Really, ever since we were kids afraid of strangers, she always followed me behind my back.)

[Screen changes to night sky]

You: (No matter what, I wish Minori to be happy.)

You: (That’s why I tried to put a little distance between Minori and me. But the current situation is bad, home cooking is a bit too…)

You: (If another boy sees us, we will be in trouble…she really doesn’t understand.)

You: (But unreasonably and bluntly refusing her is too cruel, what should I do…)

Episode 2 Edit

One hour later

[Screen changes to house with Minori in front of you]

You: It’s delicious. This….is tasty.

Minori: Really! Well, if I get serious, I can obviously do that much! First if your stomach is empty, I can’t win right?


You: (I don’t understand what she’s saying. What is the heck is she fighting for?)

You: (    ahhh!)

You: I got it! I’m a guinea pig. So there is a boy for whom you want to cook dinner for…

Minori: Eeeh! Tha …. that… ..that’s not it! What are you saying!

You: Don’t hide it. You and I are comrades right?

You: (So there was someone she liked… I finally understood.)

You: I see. So the short distance you tried to put between you and the other boys finally bore fruit.

Minori: Eh?... the short distance I tried to put…?

You: Look, even though you look very much like a model, you said you weren’t good with boys. You didn’t date anyone right? Yet you were always normal around me.

Minori: But… it’s true… The only boy I could talk with was you.

You: That’s no good right? If you are shy, you can’t get a boyfriend.

Minori: S.. what? Anyway it’s not like I’m shy! I, I …

You: Well, too be honest, I would be a bit disappointed but it would be good if you managed to date someone…No, everything will be alright for sure! You can at least cook!

Minori: Disappointing you said? You are... if I date someone,you would be a bit disappointed you say?

You: Well, I always thought we would always be together. I still think so, even now. So…

Minori: So you saw things this way...

You: More importantly, when are you planning to confess to that boy? Tomorrow maybe? It’s Saturday so then you can go out together immediately on Sunday.

Minori: I see. That’s a good idea.

You: Ah, but if you don’t know his phone number or his address you can’t contact him. No, if he’s someone I know, then.. no I don’t want to leak anything. Anyway sooner or later…

Minori: Hey…

You: Hmm?

Minori: Go out with me!

You: Wha….?!

Minori: Tomorrow, let’s go the city center together!

You: Ah! You meant that. Ahah, you surprised me at first! Because it’s misleading, stop saying weird things.

Minori: Hehe, so you were flustered… So, are you going to go out with me or not?

You: But tomorrow is! Minori: It’s alright. This is something I have to do at any rate.

You: Alright.

You: (When Minori is like this, it’s pointless to argue.)

You: (Is she going to give up confessing tomorrow...Or does she want to prepare her heart just before… I don’t know but, I have no choice but to go out with her.)

Minori: So tomorrow, I will come over at 9am. That's fine right?

You: Yeah..

You: (Her face is unusually serious. Maybe she has already steeled herself.

You: (Why she wants to go out with me is puzzling but … If Minori wants it, I will help her.)

You: (As I thought, she really is lonely…)

Episode 3 Edit

[Screen changes to blue sky]

In 2016, one morning at 8:55…
Minori: Kyaaaaaa!
[Screen changes to house]
You: (At this time, I had finished dressing myself and I was waiting for Minori to come.)

You: (While looking at my watch, what I suddenly heard was... the scream of Minori.)
[Screen changes to black screen]
You: Minori?! What.. ..what happened?!

You: (What I saw when I rushed out of the house confused was a sight I could have never imagined.)
[Screen changes to destroyed city]
You: it? That ruin is…

You: (What was in front of me was completely in ruins…)

You: (What happened. I don’t understand.)

You: (There is no doubt that the scene in front me was the reason Minori screamed.)
[Screen changes to destroyed city with Minori]
Minori: *Player*...Hey, what, what happened? The city… how did it become like that?

You: I… I don’t know! But, if we turn on the TV, maybe we can learn something!

Minori: But the TV, how can we turn on the TV?
[Screen changes to blue sky]
You: (Minori’s house was … from the foundation completely destroyed.)

You: (In that case my house was… as I thought this I looked behind me and …)
[Screen changes to black screen]
You: (But just a little while ago I was relaxing in my house, so how?)

You: (...)

You: (Could it be that I’m dreaming?)

You: (If I think about everything then it’s the only possible explanation right?)

You: (Everything is my dream. That scenery, even the scream of Minori.)
[Screen changes to destroyed city with Minori]
You: Alright. This is the only way. Let’s explore the city!

Minori: Wha...What are you saying!?

You: You know Minori, this is a dream. My dream. That’s why everything suddenly became like that.

You: Until you wake up, dreams feel like the real thing. They look real. That’s what I’m saying.

Minori: …

You: It would be a waste to not look around before I wake up. You will surely come to wake me up.

Minori: ...Why would I be to the one to come to wake you up?

You: After all partner, isn’t waking me up one of your jobs?

Minori: ...Are you stupid?

You: This is why we should quickly look around!

Minori: -Ah! Wait!
[Screen changes to black screen]
You: (If it’s really a dream, quickly wake me up.)

You: (I have never had such a dream where my heart is racing like this.)

You: (But in front of Minori, I need to be strong.)

You: (Finally, even if it’s just a little, Minori smiled again. I want this dream to end like this.)

You: (Before I see the limit of this world...quickly wake me up!)

Episode 4 Edit

[Screen changes to blue sky]
Afternoon, 11:25.
[Screen changes to destroyed street with Minori]
You: How is it? Did someone read the message?

Minori: No. Or rather, as soon as I sent it, they said it was out of range...I don’t really get it.

You: I see…

You: (Because I rushed out of the house confused, I didn’t take my wallet, needless to say my smartphone too…)

You: (Everything was left inside that crushed house.)

You: (However, Tachibana district and Hiragi district are all destroyed. Did I have a huge resentment against this city or what?!)
One hour later
[Screen changes to destroyed street]
You: (About the ruins, no matter the building, the structure is not just destroyed... The foundation is turned upside down, fallen, and collapsed.)

You: (The train station, even the shopping district are pulverized. The overhead structures are also collapsed.)

You: (Not even a single person is here. Animals and plants too…)

You: (For real what is this?)

You: (A dream? I have the impression that it’s a dream but is that the only truth?)

You: (At first I thought like that but, I have become more and more unsure…Whether it’s a dream or reality, I can’t believe it.)

You: (Shit, if I’m like this then Minori…)

Minori: Hey…

You: Wh.. what is it!?

Minori: That thing...what is that? Over there...on the hill where Hiragi Academy is, that thing.

You: (Hakuryou High School belonging to Hiragi a famous high school and not only in this city.)

You: (Because this school is at the top of what we call the slope of hell due to its brutal slope, we can see it from far

You: There is something like a radar on top of the school building…And it’s even moving.

Minori:’s possible there are people! Let’s take a look *player*!!

You: Ah, ah ahh !!
[Screen changes to the entrance of Yokohama base]
You: (What...what is this place?)

You: (It should be the main gate of Hiragi Academy. Yet what was in front of me was undoubtedly different.)

You: (⸺11th Pacific Base of the United Nations, Yokohama Base.)

You: (Base, it was written!? Then, the spinning thing on top of the school building that we saw was…)

You: (Really a radar!?)
[Screen changes to the entrance of Yokohama base with two soldiers]
Soldier 1: What are you two doing in such a place?

Soldier 2: Are you going out? You guys have strange tastes. No matter how far you go, there is nothing but ruins.

You: Ehh?

Soldier 1: A date in civilian clothing? Well, that might be better than walking inside the base us your Permission forms and your ID card.

You: Permission forms? ID card?

Soldier 2: Even if we’re comrades from the same base, that’s the rule. Especially in civilian clothing, if you don’t show us your forms, we can’t identify you. Soldier 1: ⸺Wait. Isn’t it strange? I don’t think they are getting what we are saying.

Soldier 2: Certainly…
[Screen changes to the entrance of Yokohama base with two soldiers aiming at you]
Soldier 2: DON’T MOVE!

Minori: Kyaaaa!!

Solider 1: Shut up! Spread your legs and show the palm of your hands! Slowly. Don’t do anything weird.

You: Wai.. wait!

Soldier 2: Do it fast!

You: Please wait! We have no idea what's going on! When we woke up, our house, the city, everything was destroyed!

You: We didn’t find anyone! And because there was this weird moving thing (radar), we thought that we could meet someone so that’s why we came here!

Soldier 1: Hey, … in this case shouldn’t we call Vice Commander Kouzuki?

Soldier 2: Yeah. Lately another weird man came here right. Shirogane was his name right?

Soldier 1: At that time he said weird things too… He was actually an acquaintance of Vice Commander Kouzuki.

Soldier 2: Alright, don’t look away…

Episode 5 Edit

[Screen changes to Yuuko’s room with Yuuko at the center]
Yuuko: Welcome... *player* and Shirakawa correct?

You: Are...are you the Vice Commander Kouzuki?

Yuuko: That’s right. By the way, I apologize for the long and tiring investigation we did to you, I want to ask you some more questions.

Yuuko: Let’s confirm something, you suddenly came to this world from Yokohama in 2016?

You: About this world⸺

Yuuko: Don’t tell me you still believe this is a dream? After all the boring police interview and investigation you have been through?

Yuuko: Well, it’s fine. At any rate because I already heard your story, I was thinking of thanking you by explaining what this world is.

Minori: Rea,REALLY!? So what is going on here⸺

Yuuko: Stop! Answering one question at a time is boring. First listen well to my explanation.
[Screen changes to Yuuko’s room with Yuuko at the left]
Yuuko: that’s it. Do you follow until now?

You: This world is… a parallel world?

Minori: We are in 2001 in Japan fighting an alien race we call BETA?

Yuuko: More accurately, the Imperial Army of Japan is fighting them.

You: Then, because of the BETA, humanity collapsed and such as Japan; the western part of Kantou was destroyed…

Minori: So that’s the reason why this city was in ruins…

Yuuko: It seems you both understood well. Now allow me proceed to the core of the story.
You: Eh!!?

Minori: The method to return to our world...doesn’t exist!?

Yuuko: To be precise, I don’t know. Well, according to my personal theory there is one way but, I have yet to succeed on reaching the experimental phase.

You: Then, from now on… what are we supposed to do?

Yuuko: I will let you both stay in this base. In return, cooperate with me for my research.

Minori: Your research?

Yuuko: Even if I’m called the Vice Commander or something, my original profession is a Physicist.

Yuuko: You guys.. are interesting so I will make the subject of my research. If everything goes well, my theory should be validated and you may be able to return to your world.

Minori: *Player*....,what, what should we do?

You: I...I will do it! Of course I will do it!

Minori: I wonder...if it’s really okay?

You: It’s okay. No matter what, as long as we survive, we will return to our world together!

Minori: *Player*......Yeah…

Yuuko: Wise decision.
[Screen changes to black screen]
You: (That’s right. We will definitely return to our world.)

You: (Until that moment, I will protect Minori!)

You: (We will survive in this world!)

Episode 6 Edit

[Screen changes to the sports ground]
You: ...if I remember right, the place that the Vice Commander told us to go should be around here…

Minori: Somehow, this place looks like our school right… Is that the sports ground?

Voice: Excuse me…You two over there.

You: Eh⸺
[Screen changes to the sports ground with Meiya]
Meiya: This place is dangerous therefore unauthorized personnel should refrain from trespassing.

You: Ah….we…

Meiya: Are you looking for something?

Voice: Mitsurugi, it’s alright!
[Screen changes to the sports ground with Meiya and Marimo-chan ]
Meiya: Instructor Jinguuji?

Minori: Then, that person is…

Marimo-chan: *Player*san and Shirokawa-san right?

Marimo-chan: Vice Commander Kouzuki has informed me of your arrival. I’m the Cadet Field Instructor Sergeant Jinguuji Marimo.

Marimo-chan: First I will show you to your lodging. Follow me.
[Screen changes to your private room  with 4 beds with Marimo-chan ]
Marimo-chan: This is your current lodging. Because you’re the only ones living here, put whatever you want on the other beds.  


Marimo-chan: You may be perplexed by the fact you share a room with a man but from the point of view of Vice Commander Kouzuki, you will always be together, so it doesn’t matter if you two share a room.

You: (I.. I see. So there might be a reason.)

You: (...Is there really a reason?)

Marimo-chan: Rather than thoughtlessly going out to meet each other, it’s best to be in the same room from the beginning. Please do not mind the various inconveniences.

Marimo-chan: The corridor is always monitored, so please refrain from doing anything that will cause a misunderstanding.

Minori: We understand…

Marimo-chan:  I think you will most likely be restricted from going outside for several days, so stay in this room obediently, alright?

Marimo-chan: Well then…

Minori: She left!

You: Ahh…

Minori: Hey, *Player* … Everything,... is real, isn’t?

Minori: Will...we be able to go back…?

You: Of course we will!

You: (How we came to this world...I have no idea...)

You: (But Minori and I, we will definitely return to our world!)

Tutorial Edit

Episode 1 Edit

[Screen changes to blue sky ]
Several days later.
[Screen changes to library with Yuuko and Yashiro]
Yuuko: Ahhhh, they came, they came. I was waiting for you. So how are you two? Did you guys get used to your new life?

Minori: That’s...right. We even received a lot of privileges.

You: (Indeed, not only our meal was brought to us everyday, but even our laundry was done.  When we wanted to change our clothes, everything would be prepared.)

You: (However, we were forbidden to leave our room. Food wasn’t tasty too. We had so much free time it was even painful.)

You: (Minori’s smartphone was confiscated and to begin with I didn’t even brought mine.)

Yuuko: For today, I called you to play a game for me.

You: A game?

Yuuko: That’s right. A computer game. I made it from what you told us during your investigation and from the components of the smartphone we confiscated.

Minori: You...made it?

Yuuko: That’s correct.

You: (Heh?...But if my memory is correct, didn’t she say there was nothing such as a computer game in this world?)

You: (The general concept doesn’t exist and I can remember that the people who investigated our smartphones were stunned by it.)

Yuuko: Anyways, please try to play it for me. We will talk later. I will explain how to play while you are playing.

You: Yes...we understand.

Yuuko: Well then, sit here.

You: (...that's an awfully old computer. Can it even work?)

You: (She made the game all by herself in a few days and she even guessed the interior.)

You: (Well, if anything, this is better than the crushing amount of free time we have.)
[Screen changes to game home screen]
You: …! What’s this!?

Yuuko: It was my intention to make this game just like the games of your world but is it weird? Making a game like yours from what we have in this world is troublesome you know.

You: No, no, it’s just like our games! But because you said there wasn't anything like computer games in this world…

Yuuko: That’s right. As that concept doesn’t even exist, the technology for games are too advanced. Or so I’m inclined to say.

Yuuko: Well then, I will explain how to play.
TRANSLATOR’S NOTES: From this point onward, the screen will change non-stop so I’m not going to write “screen changes to blabla”.
Yuuko: First I will explain the first button in front of you. Try to push it.

Yuuko: This is the quest selection screen.

Yuuko: Look at the quest I selected.

Yuuko: The first step to do a quest is to choose a squadron.

Yuuko: This is the squadron selection screen. You can edit your squadron there.

Yuuko: First click on the Eishi (Pilot) Selection.

Yuuko: Try to choose another pilot in this screen.

Yuuko: Should we do the same for TSF?

Minori: you mean this robot?

Yuuko: That’s right. TSF which means Tactical Surface Fighter.

Minori: I see.

Yuuko: So like this, you set this Eishi (Pilot) with this TSF.

Minori: Eishi...Eishis (Pilots) fights using TSFs? Okay, I think I understand.

Yuuko: Moreover, you can optimize your fighting strength in one go by clicking on “Recommended”. You can then switch the character you like.

Yuuko: Because you can keep up to 5 squadrons, you can make and keep the squadrons you like.

Minori: Excuse me… the character at the top, what’s its role? It looks like the character can’t be associated with a TSF…

Yuuko: Good question.

Yuuko: This is the CP character. In short, she’s like the command post.

Yuuko: Even if CP characters can’t pilot TSFs, they can increase the global strength of the squadron.

Yuuko: Because they have a skill that affects the whole squadron, you should choose the most useful character.

Yuuko: Well, let’s move on.

Yuuko: In this screen you can choose your friendly TSF that will accompany you during the quest.

Yuuko: Choose wisely. The strength, the weapon and the type of your ally.

Yuuko: Well, at first it’s alright to choose any level or any type.

Yuuko: Finally here, you review your squadron before starting the mission.

Yuuko: You can choose to use a battle item in this screen.

Yuuko: Let’s try to choose one immediately.

Yuuko: Battle items can only be used one time. You can equip at most 10 items per kind.

Yuuko: When you can’t win a battle, use items!

Yuuko: The explanation of the squadron mechanic was a bit long but we actually only chose the “Quests” and the “Support TSF”. That’s why we quickly came to this screen.

Yuuko: Well then, let’s begin the battle.

Episode 2 Edit

[Screen changes to library with Minori, Yuuko and Yashiro]
Yuuko: Fuunn….as expected you are good at it. Good work, for the present let’s stop.

You: Awesome... Isn’t that person a genius….?

You: (Even so if she said it was useful for a lot of military technology, developing something whose concept didn’t even exist until now is incredible…)

Yuuko: I can hear you, you know. Ah but it’s fine, don’t mind it, praise me even more.

Yuuko: More importantly, what was surprising was Shirakawa. Girls also play video games in your world?

You: No, usually they don’t. Even if they do, I feel like they play games like Tetris or farming games…

Minori: That, that’s…

You: Could you actually be a gamer?

Minori: It’s not like that. It’s just that at first I thought it would be good if I could memorize games…

You: Ah! Could it be that you were doing that to understand the boy you like?

Minori: Eh!?

You: In that case, playing together is a good idea. You want to add him as a friend or something right?

Minori: ...Well.

You: (I’m someone that’s good at this type of game but, Minori is good at it too.)

You: (She sure practiced a lot.)

You: (I’m a bit jealous.)

Yuuko: I don’t understand everything but isn’t that boy yours?

Minori: !!!!!

You: Eh? I’m sorry, what did you say?

Yuuko: Well, it’s fine.

You: Yeah…

Minori: *Player* you don’t have to care about that!

Yuuko: Well then, I’m entrusting you this device. With this terminal, you play the game you played in your own room.

You: For real!?

You: (A tablet? Like this we can carry it wherever we go…)

Yuuko: Train well and raise your skills alright? You will have to show me the result of your training next time.

You: Ye, Yes!

Yuuko: You too do your best.

Minori: I...I understand….

Yuuko: Ah, mext, Shirakawa, I’m giving you back your smartphone.

Minori:Ah, yes…

Yuuko: I studied every corner and nook but your data shouldn’t be erased. I’m also giving you this charger.

Minori: Thank you very much.

Yuuko: I will keep the photo that you secretly stuck on the inside of the case a secret for you.

Minori: eeee!

Yuuko: Do you know about the misattribution of arousal? Make it so that everything goes well. Well then, good work~~~

Episode 3 Edit

TRANSLATOR’S NOTES: From this point onward, the screen will change non-stop so I’m not going to write “screen changes to blabla”.
Yuuko: Congratulation. Thanks to the last battle, your military rank increased. It’s the official debut of your cadet career, isn’t it.

Yuuko: As you raise your military rank, the number of friends you can have also increases.

Yuuko: The amount of gacha points and affection points  you get after each battle also increases.

Yuuko: If you continue to fight, you can receive good rewards.

Yuuko: This is the gacha screen.

Yuuko: Well then, let’s try to get gachas. Try to push this button.

Yuuko: Didn’t we get a very nice character?

Yuuko:  Next, let’s strengthen our characters.

Yuuko: Then without delay let’s strengthen this character.

Yuuko: To strengthen a character, you either need to use characters or items.

Yuuko: First let’s try to select this character.

Yuuko:  This is the ingredient selection screen. You can change the type of ingredient by clicking on one of the two tabs.

Yuuko: This time we will use characters. Click on this empty box.

Yuuko: You can select here the characters that will be used as ingredients. You can select up to 10 characters.

Yuuko: Select this girl.

Yuuko: Like this, the preparations are complete. Let’s do it.

Yuuko: The strengthening is now complete.

Yuuko: If you use a character that has the same skill as an ingredient, you can upgrade the skill.

Yuuko: Next let’s try to limit break this character. Push this button.

Yuuko: I will then explain how to limit break a character.

Yuuko: To limit break a character, you either need items or a copy of the character.

Yuuko: This time, let’s try to use a copy of the same character.

Yuuko: If I’m right, we got earlier another copy of Marimo thanks to the gacha.

Yuuko: In that case, let’s do it at once. Select this character.

Yuuko: This is the ingredient selection screen. It has the same tabs as the ingredient selection screen for strengthening.

Yuuko: This time, we will use the second copy of Marimo we got earlier. Push this button.

Yuuko: Select the character which will be used as an ingredient.

Yuuko: Like this the preparations are complete. Let’s do it!

Yuuko: The character is now limit broken.

Yuuko: Limit breaking a character raises its maximum level.

Yuuko: In the case of a character, the maximum affection is also raised.

Yuuko: By the way, you can get items used for limit breaking as a drop by doing quests.

Yuuko: To gather the items to limit break, doing daily quests and creating items are efficient ways.

Yuuko: The tutorial is thus finished. Sorry for speaking alone this whole time.

Minori: No….it’s alright. Thank you very much.

Yuuko: Ah, I will erase just in case the data of this tutorial.

Minori: Eeeee! Why you are doing this!?

Yuuko: I made the game in a hurry so I still need to a maintenance.

Yuuko : Once the modifications are done, I will tell you.

Minori: Yeah! Thank you very much!

Episode 4 Edit

TRANSLATOR’S NOTES: From this point onward, the screen will change non-stop so I’m not going to write “screen changes to blabla”.
Yuuko: Finally, let’s review item creation and your friends. You can also change the settings or things like that by going to this menu.

Minori: Ah, it’s opened.

Yuuko: From there….ah, click on that button.

Yuuko: I will explain the collection screen ok?

Yuuko: You can see here the detail of yours characters and TSFs and also enjoy the scenarios you unlocked.

Yuuko: The last time you unlocked a new scenario, didn’t you?

Yuuko: You can review it here.

Yuuko: Only SR and SSR characters have their own story. Isn’t it nice to take a break from the battle by reading the stories?

Minori: Huh…,to see the character’s story, you said we need to raise their affection, right?

Yuuko: Exactly. Do you your best in order to enjoy the story.

Minori: Understood.

Yuuko: Trying to see and understand each feature of the game is complicated...

Yuuko: There are special features that still need to be explained but I made it so that explanation will show up each time you encounter a new feature for the first time.

Yuuko: Well, if it’s boring you can skip it but when you don’t understand, ask haloff1 alright?

You: (Contrary to appearance, she actually looks like someone very helpful...)