The following tactical surface fighters (TSFs) have been confirmed to make an appearance in the game.[1]

  • Type-00 Takemikazuchi
  • Type-77/F-4J Gekishin
  • Type-94 Shiranui
  • Type-97 Fubuki
  • F-22A Raptor

More TSFs from preregistration gacha.

  • XFJ-01a Shiranui Second Phase 1
  • Type-00A
  • Type 82F
  • J-10
  • F-15E
  • F-15J/Type 89
  • Type 82A
  • Type 82C

TSF cards Edit

N rarity Edit

  • Gekishin (Technique)

HN rarity Edit

  • J-8 (Speed)
  • J-8 (Power)
  • F-15E UN color (Speed)
  • F-15E UN color (Power)

R rarity Edit

  • F-15J/Type 89 ''Sunshine' (Power)
  • MiG-29 (Speed)
  • Type-82A Zuikaku (Power)
  • Type-82A Zuikaku (Speed)

HR rarity Edit

  • Type-82F Zuikaku
  • Type-94 Shiranui (Power)
  • J-10
  • F-15E Strike Eagle

SR rarity Edit

  • Type-00A Takemikazuchi
  • Type-94 Shiranui Type-1C

SSR rarity Edit

  • Shiranui Second Phase 1

References Edit


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