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  • I live in France
  • I was born on November 8
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Haloff1

    To all players of MASF motivated to transform this currently empty wiki into the reference for all English players playing the game, I'm requesting your help.

    First let me present myself once more. I'm Haloff1, a fan of Muv-Luv from France. As you can see I can speak English, though it is certainly not flawless, and also Japanese (and French but that doesn't matter). From what I saw, it seems like I'm the only MASF playing speaking both English and Japanese, therefore I will do my best to translate basically everything. Here is my translation schedule:

    Saturday 23 September 2016, translation and explanation of:

    • Every texts and screens except the mission descriptions, the character descriptions, the character lines and the story.
    • Explanation of…
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  • Haloff1

    Backup has arrived!

    July 20, 2016 by Haloff1

    Hello fellow Muv Luv fan! 

    I'm a Muv Luv fan from France.  I'm living in Japan since last year so my Japanese is good enough to understand any text with a dictionnary and a lot of time. MLSF is one of the very few muv luv games outside of Visual Novel, so I really want to play this game! I think many Muv Luv would like it too but because of the language barrier, they unfortunately cannot. So I will translate some of the content into English! 

    See you!

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