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  • Yuuko-sensei, not The Purge, the Surge (though the former would not be a bad tagline for MLA).

    Though I had not been planning to add many entries to the wiki until the game is actually released, the current pre-registration campaign will allow one to obtain rare cards for use in the game and is an excellent way to start MLASF. In light of this, I will try to post as much info as I can while maintaining my full-time work and volunteer schedule.

    Unfortunately, this may mean that the quality of entries may drop as a result of trying to cram in as much content as possible (hence the Surge). This is not helped by the fact I know precisely zero Japanese. However, I feel it is more important to make sure everyone who is interested can participate in what r…

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  • Yuuko-sensei

    Well, I may be a day late and a dollar short (since I actually started working on this wiki yesterday), but I'm excited to embark on a new Muv-Luv adventure with fellow fans. We will all be learning this game together, and I'm sure it will be one wild ride.

    To say this wiki "has a long way to go" is certainly the understatement of the year. It would be great if this wiki could become the go-to place for game statistics, the central hub for vertans and newcomers alike, a site for encouragement and hope, and even a fun place to spend just a few minutes of free time before heading off to bed. Since none of us is as strong as all of us, I look forward to contributions by others that have made wikis in general as sucessful as they are today.

    A spe…

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